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 Miss Sunny

I am so happy to be a part of this family!  My name is Dani Girl's Sunshine, but everyone here is calling me Sunny.  My story is not as sad as some of the other's who have been adopted from the Houston SPCA.  I came to them the first time in 2009 in a starvation case.  They fattened me up and I was adopted by a new mama along with one other horse and she brought me home and put me in her pasture and fed me but never rode me or did anything else with me.  I was just a beautiful pasture ornament which did not make me happy because I want to have a job, a purpose, just like you do.  So this summer she brought me back to the SPCA and I was adopted again by Miss Donna.  But this time I get a really fun job to do and I know that she and all the gals here are going to be my forever mama's and I couldn't be happier.  I am seven years old and even though I was very green broke when I came here, I am so chill and happy and friendly that it took almost no time for me to be relaxed doing my new job of being a trail boss.  OK, I don't always get to be the trail boss, but I sure do like it when I can lead the group.  I am a lighter bay  color with the beautiful white markings that you can see here.  They think I am a quarter horse and I do have a pretty perfect confirmation if I don't say so myself.  I am just under 15 hands so am not quite so huge as Miss Jinx and Miss Lexi, but I walk every bit as fast as they do.  I have never had my feet picked up so that is one of the many things my new mama's are teaching me right now.  It's a bit scary because I am afraid I will fall over when they pick up a back feet, but they are being very patient and kind about teaching me this and I am learning quickly.  Right now I am the lowest in the pecking order, but me and Pongo are having a 'relationship', so I think that soon, since he is the boss of our herd, I will move up.  Personally I think I am almost ready to go ahead of Miss Jinx who is just too darn submissive to challenge even little ol' me.  I have to warn you that both times I have been out on the trail I have taken the opportunity to stop, drop and roll in the sand.  It is just way too much fun to resist.  Some day I promise to grow up and act like an adult . . . but please not too soon.

You can't blame me.  You would do it too if you could.  Boy that water sure does look good . . . wonder what that would feel like to roll in?

Excuse me?  We're gonna do what?  Go up that hill?  Yikes!  I mean Woopee!  Hang on Miss Kate!

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