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Miss Aeriess AerieMM
Hello there.  My registered name is Scenic Arrowhead but all my friends call me Aerie.  I am well known around here for my delicate and feminine feet.  I am a six year old solidbred paint mare. Normally horses take years to grow up emotionally, kind of like golden retrevers, right?  I mean wait till you meet Buckley who just turned three . . . he is such a naughty little boy.  But in my case even though I am so young I am very calm and can even be a bit stubborn if I don't want to do something, usually cause I'm afraid, like the first time I was asked to walk across the spillway all by myself.  I was happy that my rider let me wait until I could follow someone else across which made me feel happier.  I am a pretty tall girl at about fifteen and a half hands [did you know a hand is 4 inches?] but not as tall as some of the other broads in my herd.  And like Henry I sometimes can't quite keep up so have to trot a few steps, but I am fine with that and I think you will be too because we both have really gentle comfortable trots.  I am also considered a left brain introvert because I am so calm.  They say that we left brain introverts have much more 'whoa than go' which is what you want in a trail horse.  I also am a great horse for beginner riders and have I mentioned that I will follow you around all day if you will rub me and pet me cause I love attention?  I am totally the alpha mare in my herd so that means that pretty much everyone stays out of my way with the exception of Mr. Pongo who is the alpha gelding and my best friend and will bite anyone who I ask him to just to let them know who is the boss.  Life is Good.
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