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Mrm. Henry
Mr. Henry

Howdy!  My name is Henry.  I'm a gooooood old boy.  I am a 13 year old quarter horse gelding and my coloring is called a line back dun.  I am about 15 hands high which makes me a perfect size for almost any of you gals, and I am quite the ladies man, at least that is what my girl Lexi says.   My mama got me from the Houston SPCA back in February of 2012, although I came from a different herd than Miss Lexi.  When I was taken away from my owners with my herd I was verrrrrrrry neglected.  In fact I was so emaciated [skinny] that you could see all my ribs and bones through my dull matted hide and my feet and teeth had been neglected for a really long time.  Fortunately those good folks who named me Leo [ask them about how I got named Henry] fattened me up and got me really healthy again for my new forever family.  But the one thing that they could not help me get over was my eating disorder, which you can understand after I was almost starved to death.  That is why, hands down, my favorite thing in the whole world is food.  Any food.  Bananas, watermelon, apples, carrots, crakers, ice cream, you name it, anything, which is why my only real problem out on trail rides is I love to grab a mouthful of grass or leaves and you have to be a bit firm with me about that issue because my mama has spent a lot of time teaching me that I have to listen to my rider when they say no to snatching.  But she always promises to give me some special treats when I get home.  Well, there is one more issue I have out on the trail and that is that since it is hard sometimes to keep up with these leggy broads I go out with, I have to trot a bit to keep up with their high heeled walks.    I not only love food but I am also a bit of an attention hog and absolutely love to be rubbed and brushed all over.  I go into kind of a trance when I am being rubbed and will come over for more if you stop. Trainer Pat Parelli would say I am a left brain introvert, which means I am not controlled by my emotions but am a thinker and can be a bit stubborn.   I am such a calm and gentle and well behaved horse that my mama lets me be the first horse you get to have lessons on cause I am such a gentleman.

I have to admit I am a bit ashamed to have my friends see me in my muzzle, but it does help me when I am out on the trails to not be distracted by all the yumminess out there.  My mama promised to let me have ten minutes of grazing time when we get home for being so patient with watching everyone else get to graze a bit out on the trails.  I'm just so happy to be included ;)

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