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Horsemanship lessons/trail rides given by ordinary women for ordinary women [and now their family's too] who want to get back into riding again after many years or who are able to finally get started after just dreaming of it. We're here to help you make your dreams come true, just like ours did (with a lot of help along the way).


According to the American Horse Council Foundation there are 9.2 million horses owned in the United States

today and 75% of those are owned by women over the age of forty.  According to Linda Kohanov in Riding

Between the Worlds"Horses model the strengths of what are often referred to as 'feminine values': cooperation

over competition, relationship over territory, responsiveness over strategy, emotion and intuition over logic,

process over goal, and the creative approach to life that these qualities engender."  No wonder we connect so totally with them, we know a good thing when we experience it.  For many of us people a horse touches a part of our soul with it's unconditional love and need for trust unfound in any other relationship.   You know who I am talking about.  Were you born with an H+ gene?  Did you read all the horse books growing up and do you almost run off the road when you see horses out in a pasture?  Has there always been a longing in your soul when you think about spending time with a horse that can't be filled by your kids, friends or even your dog? 


Chris Irwin, trainer, teacher and author of Horses Don't Lie and Dancing with your Dark Horse, says, "Bonding with horses can be an active meditation of the body, mind and spirit . . . this experience or way of being is so balanced it opens the gateway to finding balance within us."


 In Martha Beck's article in the August, 2013, O [the Oprah Magazine] called Horse Sense, she writes,  'Horses communicate what they feel, straight up, all the time.  Which means that to gain their trust, humans must be genuine, clear, and honest."  She goes on to explain that horses help us to let go, heal and see ourselves clearly.  "In conversation with these intuitive creatures, we can find the power to be as kind, playful and beautiful as they are."  


Are you seeking that power too, as well as more peace, health, joy and purpose in your life through therapy, massage, yoga, reading, etc.? We were also.  And then we were fortunate to get into a life with horses and found that our time with them gave us all these things and so much more.  We invite you to join us in spending time with these loving horses who have turned out to be our best therapists, hands down, as well as excellent instructors in the importance of being real [they can tell if you are being incongruent with what you are feeling versus what you are pretending to feel . . . it stresses them out if you are not honest with your emotions, no matter what they are], being careful how you act and think as it affects others [your energy], asking for what we really want [learning healthy boundries], and a whole host of other important life lessons.  Is it time for you to do something just for you?  For your mental and physical health and wellbeing?  Are you ready to get dirty and sweaty and  spend time around these horses that are unconditional love with absolutely no judgement other than did you bring enough treats?


And even though our main dream is to share this time with other women we have had so many requests for family trails rides and lessons for their kids, we have decided to open our business up a little bit wider.  So we are now also scheduling arena riding lessons for kids over the age of 11 in small groups.  We also are scheduling family trail rides, but please no kids under the age of 16 on the trails as our experience has shown us that kids younger than that cannot control the horses enough to stop them from doing what they want which is starting to teach them some bad habits like eating when they want.

Please take a few minutes to look at the blessing of the beautiful
trails we ride on by clicking on their logo here. 
Some of Us Gals with our Instructors getting ready to head out to the trails
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