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Miss Jinx

Hello there.  My name is Miss Jinx and I am 16+ hands tall and am a registered thoroughbred mare.  My coloring is a beautiful bay, lighter colored than Miss Lexi, but just as sweet and gentle natured.  I also have big strides because of my long legs.  I was bred and trained originally to race on the track but only was there for a little while.  I had an injury on my back legs which is why I will never, no not ever, let you pick up my back feet to clean them out, I am still afraid of that, but I don't mind if you just touch them.  I am nine years old which means I am still a fairly young woman in the horse world.  Pat Parelli would classify me as a left brain introvert which means I am calm and fairly thoughtful [not as smart as Henry but don't tell him I admitted to that please or he will be impossible to live with].  I am also quite a risk taker on the trail and I don't mean I am going to run at barking dogs or anything, it just means that if the group needs someone to lead them down a hill or over a creek I am usually willing to do that first.  Have I mentioned that I absolutely love water so please feel free to take me for a walk in the creek any time you would like to and I will be sure to cool you off with my splashing antics. a paragraph. Click here to add your own me. ick
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