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My name is Miss Lexi although I have been known to be called Sexi Lexi which I am just fine with, since I am the most gorgeous horse, everyone says.   I am a thoroughbred cross which my mama got from the Houston SPCA back in February of 2012 after my herdmates and me were taken away from my owners for neglect.  The folks at the Houston SPCA named me Big Bertha . . . thank God my mama changed that name, right?  I am nine years old, about 16 hands high and called a bay color.   If you were looking at Pat Parelli's horsenality information I would be classified as a right brain introvert which means I can appear calm but can hold in my anxiety over something like a horse eating monster we are approaching until I get scared enough and then I will want to turn around and try to leave the scene if possible.  I am much better about that now that I have had two years of constant riding out on the trails as well as ground work to help me build up my confidence.  But I still appreciate you giving me a couple seconds to look something over if I am a little bit afraid of it, then I can go by it with no problems.  I am about the sweetest girl you will ever meet and just love those people who are really gentle and loving with me.  I am the lowest horse in the pecking order of my herd because I don't have an aggressive bone in my body and I am thankful I have my boy Henry who does a good job of protecting me when others want to bite me or kick me to show they are the boss of me.  My mama only lets me teach her intermediate or better riders because she promised never to put someone on me that could hurt my very sensitive mouth or who would scare me by being too harsh with me.
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