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Mr. Tavi
OK let's get directly to it . . . my name is Mr. Tavi and I am a Mustang and damn proud of it!  My coloring is dark bay, I'm old enough at about age 14 to know a few things, and I am only about 14 hands tall so not as scary as those really tall mares.  But don't let that fool you as I am a brave leader out on the trails and am almost as good a beginner rider choice as Mr. Henry.  And I also have a pretty interesting background.  My old mama told her farrier that if he couldn't find someone who would take me she would send me off to auction . . . yikes, that means the glue factory in most cases. I had been a wonderful jumping machine but because of so much rough handling I was unpredictable and aggressive with my riders cause I was scared.  The good news is he did find me a new mama who loved me but let lots of teenagers use me for barrel racing and racing in general [cause I am fast] and I pretty much stayed scared of people and standoffish for another year or so.  Then just a couple months ago this calm and caring group of women bought me and put me into ground work training and trail training every day for a couple months and that is how I got my mojo back.  Now I am a confident and gentle guy who just loves his work as a trail horse.  My mama now won't let anyone come even close to me with spurs and whips and I am so grateful.  Thank you God for one last chance to lead a happy simple life with these wonderful new mama's who promise to be kind and gentle with me.
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