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Want to use our beautiful horses

  for taking your pictures with?

We can't blame you for coming up with this great idea.  So many of our families or riders have asked if they can bring out a professional photographer or friend who takes great pictures to have their photos done with our horses for their Christmas cards or senior yearbook or even homecoming/prom pictures.  Engagement/wedding pictures?  Yes, of course.  But we thought of a way that this could be cheaper for you than scheduling a ride time. 
If you make an appointment for that purpose with the specific horses picked out we would be happy to get them bathed and combed and basically spit-polished for you.  Then when you come out you can choose a saddle or bareback, bridle or halter or naked, and we will help you get them just so for your photos.  We can't guarantee their cooperation [ears up and happy to be there], but we will do our best.
You have to reserve them for when they are not being ridden, of course.  We have about 15 horses of all sizes and colors to choose from.  For instance, maybe a cool prom picture would be all the couples doubled up on the horses with her dress flowing?  Tux's with cowboy hats and boots?  Her leaning down to kiss her groom?
For an hour with our horse, we will take $30.  Even if it takes a bit longer, we will take just $30 per horse.  What fun to have a picture on our beautiful big gentle giant, Mr. Gusto, or our big black beauty, Miss Lexi.  We are happy to take the extra time to get them looking their best for your special moment.  And we would love a copy for our webpage please.
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