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Bring out your girlfriends, sisters, family, co-workers, meetup group . . . what a great way to spend the morning or afternoon with our instructors.

Pongo doing what they all do best, eating.                   Aerie flicking flies.                                                    Lexi looking georgeous.                               And Henry thinking.

Did you know horses in the wild graze 22 hours a day and only need 10 minutes of REM sleep which they have to get laying flat down to function well all day?

These gals are riding together on the Oak Ridge drainage ditch [Montgomery Co. drainage district 6] heading for the Spring Creek Greenway trails.

There are miles of beautiful rugged and very natural forest and stream trails for riding along and around the creek which do a good job of providing shade in the hot summer.

This is one way to get over, I mean under, Riley Fuzzel Rd.

When we can get across the creek we like to ride through the old sand mines to the sand pit on one of our adventure trails.

Down we come to the creek . . .

And down we go in the creek . . . hahaha a proper cooling off on a hot day, right?  If you don't keep Henry walking once he's in the water there is a good chance he will lay down for a roll to cool off.  We think Mr. Brian stopped him on purpose.

Henry and Lexi's appointments with the equine dentist . . . thank God for drugs, but boy do they have beautiful smiles now.

But it was pure love at the end of the ride that Mr. Brian felt for his boy Henry, so he blessed him by taking off his muzzle giving him a chance for a good bit of grazing.  

And every farm has to have a couple vicious guard dogs, right?  Shifter, above, and Esther, to the left, do a good job of barking when you come in and if you don't throw the ball far enough and long enough for them once you are here.  If we are lucky Esther will come with us on our ride.  Yipee!

through the old sand mine . . . 

. . . and up the sand hill to the sand pit pond . . . quite an adventure just for our bravest riders

Moms and daughters . . . . no doubt about it it's got to be a girl thing.


moms and daughters . . . it's got to be a girl thing

Make a lifetime memory!

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