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MMr. Pongo
Hi, my name is Pongo, like the dog in 101 Dalmations.  Get it?  Everyone says I am so pretty but I really hate that cause I am all guy.  In fact I am the alpha gelding in my herd and everyone else gets out of my way with just a look, so be careful who you call pretty.  I am a spotted saddle horse and thoroughbred mix and am about 15 hands tall and nine years old.  I was born in West Virginia and my mama brought me here to live with her family's new herd a couple years ago.  I love my mares, just barely tolerate having Henry [the other gelding] in my herd cause I am not very good at sharing my gals, and I lovvvvve treats.  I will usually be the first one to greet you if Henry doesn't get to you first.  If he does than he will skeedadle as soon as I come over cause I am that great.   In fact left brain introverts like Henry don't usually make very good stallions in the wild because he is too calm and would get eaten before he ran.  I on the other hand am closer to being a extrovert just because I love to run and am pretty sensitive, so I am better equiped to sense danger and get the gals out of there if needed.  My mama has been working with me on slowing down my trot and gallop to a nice gentle jog and lope, but I still love a good run sometimes.  I also love going out on trail rides with the gang and am willing to try things that some of the others will wait for a leader for, I guess because I am so great. Hahahaha
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