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Mr. Wall-E

The Houston SPCA gal named me Wall-E after the movie [I think] and I liked this friendly and easy name enough that my mama decided to keep it. I am twelve years old and am a blood bay color, kind of like a beautiful copper penny, don't ya think? I am about 15.2 hands tall.  I was from a herd of 18 show horses.  We were shown in halter and western pleasure in the Paint catagory.  Believe it or not I am a registered Paint.  And I don't have even one white hair on my body . . . . heeheehee, isn't that funny?  My old mama, for the reasons I can't share with you, just stopped feeding all of us one day and a couple months later the courts found out about our situation and came and took us all away.  Sadly, three of my best friends were found dead in our pasture when they came, but luckily they rescued me in time.  I spent a couple months at the Houston SPCA where they fattened me back up again and that's where my mama found me this past June and brought me to my new forever home.  And boy am I ever glad she did.  I love my new job.  I am a gelding and even though I don't have an aggresive bone in my body as far as the pecking order goes with this new herd I've joined, I am so used to being around a big group that I was totally able and willing to kick the living **** out of the herd boss Pongo when we first met. . . . he's the one who started it so you can't blame me, right?  So even though he is now my boss too, he doesn't mess with me too much, just in case. ;)   When Miss Donna and her friends came to rescue me, she had her animal communicator talk to me and he said that I was the 'oldest soul he had ever met in a horse'.  I am wise and kind, and I just love the taste of the water in the creek and puddles.  Miss Jinx taught me how to drink there when she ponied me out the first time.  I am learning a bunch of new cues as a trail horse cause it sure is a different life than showing in an arena.  My mama's are being very patient with me as I learn and I already just love every one I've met here.

Yep, that's me in the middle on my second trip to the Spring Creek.  Have I mentioned how much fun and how tasty this water is.  Thanks Miss Courtney for letting me have a drink even if it was too high to cross.

Fortunately I did get to go across the spillway and then on home through some cool shady forests.  What fun and what an adventure every ride is.

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